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What are the main causes of tooth discoloration?

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It is normal to have your perfect set of pearly whites to get discolored. It can ruin that smile you were practicing to impress your date or even your chances at that job interview a couple of days away. Maybe you won’t be able to close that sale you were after, but why take the risk when such a simple setback can be rectified easily at your dental care professional. You can have your smile restored to its natural glory and flash it without being self conscious.

What is tooth discoloration?

tooth discoloration

We identify our teeth from the pearlescent white enamel crown that juts out from our gum. It is our representative every time we open our mouth and every time we smile for the world to see. Over time, it is natural for teeth to lose its sheen and develop stains that disrupt all the aesthetic goodness that was a part of it. It may develop in blotches or be discolored entirely. Before it reaches a dreadful shade of brown, it is recommended to consult with your dentist and have it fixed.

What causes it?

Tooth discoloration is not unnatural and happens to almost everyone. There are several factors that contribute to teeth getting discolored.

  • Our teeth, most predominantly, are used for biting and chewing food which allows us to swallow it easily. No matter what we do, some food particle will always remain in the mouth after we finish chewing and this deposit results in plaque and tartar deposits that appear as darkened stains on our white enamel.
  • Bacteria can often enter our mouth and stick to teeth and this slowly wears away the crown and will cause the enamel to lose its color.
  • Good oral hygiene is required to maintain tooth color. It involves regular brushing, flossing and using proper, prescribed dental products. Brushing too hard or flossing too often as well as using inferior quality toothpastes and mouthwashes will harm the enamel enough to make it lose its color.
  • Most soft drinks, soda, coffee, candy, and foods with coloring agents will stain your teeth over regular use.
  • Tobacco products are also a primary cause of tooth discoloration as nicotine and tar content, present in all tobacco blends, precipitate as the smoke is inhaled and gets layered on the teeth and lips.
  • Improper use of do it yourself whitening trays and strips, if used improperly or if poor quality, will stain your teeth in certain places while whitening others. This can lead to a very comical appearance if not carefully applied.

How can you treat it?

As mentioned before, tooth discoloration is fairly common and not serious if treated. Maintaining good oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing, and using the right products can help prevent tooth discoloration and even rectify mild discoloration where it occurs. For cases where it is proving difficult to remove stains, you can consult your dental care professional for teeth whitening treatments. There are do it yourself kits, but it is recommended to have it cleaned professionally as they are more thorough and last longer. The treatment itself does not take too much time.

Tips to Avoid Post Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

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Teeth whitening can result in having hypersensitive teeth owing to the various chemicals used in the process. Basic functions like eating and drinking can be very painful with sensitive teeth. You can experience short, sharp pains even while brushing teeth and having sweet foods. This is a sensation that is usually experienced in the early stages of bleaching with peroxide products.

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Fastrack Methods to Achieving Your Dream Smile

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Not all of us are born with a perfect smile, even celebrities who appear like they do have their cosmetic dentists to thank. With the advancement of technology and modern dental materials, gorgeous ‘movie-like’ smile are no longer restricted only to the rich and famous. If you are among the millions who have got stained, crooked teeth or require aesthetic measures to correct your teeth and gums, a cosmetic dentist can help put an end to your problems. Plus, you do not have to make numerous visits to the dentist or undergo surgical procedures to get beautiful, healthy smile.

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Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Getting Dental Veneers

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If the unsightly teeth have forced you to smile less than you would like, dental veneers could be the best cosmetic dentistry solution for you. A lot of us tend to stiffen upper lip or calm the mouths when we smile for fear of showing imperfect teeth; they’re cracked, stained or terribly crooked. Dental veneers can cover up these dental flaws, while offering the precise restorations that will have everyone believe that you have the most flawless set of teeth in the world.

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Questions for General Dentists to Ensure Your teeth Are In Good Hands

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In the quest of finding a new dentist, a lot of times we turn to family and friends for a trusted personal referral. When the information is not available, we get back to traditional search, scouring the internet for a quick search of dental practices that operate in and around our area. The search doesn’t stop there – with thousands of online reviews from patients, any potential warning signs and the job of matching the dentist with the preferred dental insurance carriers, it seems like a never ending task.

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