Fastrack Methods to Achieving Your Dream Smile

Not all of us are born with a perfect smile, even celebrities who appear like they do have their cosmetic dentists to thank. With the advancement of technology and modern dental materials, gorgeous ‘movie-like’ smile are no longer restricted only to the rich and famous. If you are among the millions who have got stained, crooked teeth or require aesthetic measures to correct your teeth and gums, a cosmetic dentist can help put an end to your problems. Plus, you do not have to make numerous visits to the dentist or undergo surgical procedures to get beautiful, healthy smile.

We are proud of our range of affordable dental services that enhance the attractiveness and appeal of your smile in one, or sometimes two dental appointments. Here are some of the most effective fast track methods to a gorgeous smile.

For chipped teeth

Credit: Garetsondental

Credit: Garetsondental

One of the most popular, yet easy methods of masking your dental flaws is dental bonding. With the application of the tooth-colored composite resin directly on top your tooth, it can fill in the cracks and recess of your teeth. If you had issues with short looking teeth, the innovative material can add extra bulk to your pearlies. The dentist can also build the teeth with exacting precision using the highly malleable resin to achieve optimal results. The direct bonding also allows eliminating the need for temporaries or moulds during the teeth preparation time.

Reshape your teeth

Your teeth can be reshaped with a method known as tooth contouring. The treatment sculpts, shortens or lengthens your teeth to match the exact shape and size, while keeping in proportion to the rest of your teeth. Involving one appointment, the cosmetic dentist can shave off the edges of your teeth enamel, eliminating minor imperfections and allowing your teeth to line up perfectly and in proportion to each other. The tooth color laminates, dental veneers may also be applied to reposition your teeth and rejuvenate the look of your smile.

Brighten and shine your smile

bright smile

Credit: Smilesteps

While trends may come and go swiftly, a bright smile can never go out of fashion. Today’s modern teeth whitening methods are more effective and results-oriented than ever. Some of the new and improved whitening systems can deliver 8 shades brighter in a single one-hour session. The In-Office bleaching methods use a professionally administered dose of highly concentrated agents to get rid of tough strains. This is one of the easiest and painless methods to achieve dazzling, bright and beautiful smile.

Want a perfect row of neat teeth? Want to enhance the appearance of your smile with comfort and speed? Want positive results? Contact Affordable Dentist in Grand Prairie to book an appointment.  Our highly trained dental professionals will help you learn more on various dental treatments and determine the one that is right for you.

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