How Effective Is Professionally Supervised Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Many of us suffer from dental discoloration to varying degrees. Even people, who brush, floss and see the dentist regularly may find that environmental factors can deteriorate the natural radiance of their teeth over time.

Thank goodness for professional teeth whitening services in Crowley for it’s incredibly effective way to lighten and eliminate stains, offering a naturally dazzling white smile.

In today’s age, there are more whitening options than before to choose from. While some may recommend myriad over-the-counter products, professional dentist-supervised treatment is always a safe bet and can bring dependable outcomes.

Teeth whitening for brighter and shinier smile involve treatment of the external surfaces of the teeth with a bleaching solution and similar chemistry is applied in both professional treatments and OTC products. The question however is, what is the need of spending your wallet on seeing a dentist when the same can be achieved through products found on drugstore shelves.

Teeth whitening

Although most bleaching solutions are chemically similar, they need to be used within specific parameters owing largely to their different strengths. Tooth whitening involves much more than just bleach, and here are some things you may not know of.

Just bleaching their surfaces does not promise whitening of all teeth. The process works well on teeth with extrinsic strains on their outer enamel surface but fails to respond on teeth with intrinsic stains unless the chemicals are applied inside the tooth manually.

Since each tooth has a maximum whiteness, not all teeth can be whitened to the same degree. The application of additional bleach treatments will not make it any whiter.

Just so you know discolored teeth can also indicate an underlying dental issue of tooth decay or a root canal problem. There’s no point in trying to whiten those teeth or later the condition could contribute to other complications.

Excessive whitening, with all the chemicals in the solution can damage teeth and must be use only as directed. 

Before you decide on teeth whitening products, seek your dentist’s advise on what’s the cause of the discoloration and if the treatments are likely to work. The knowledgeable staff at a dental office can examine and determine whether there are issues that could prevent the procedure to work the way they should. In case of any problems found, they can be taken care of.

You’ll have the freedom to choose between in-office whitening and a take-home kit.

While the former is safe and uses more concentrated bleach solutions under the supervision of a professional to bring fast—lightening teeth by up to 10 shades in a one-hour visit, the latter involves effective but less concentrated bleaching gels that can produce the same effects but in days rather than hours.

Of course you can achieve great results at lower cost, provided you’re willing to be patient.

Before teeth whitening, our affordable dentists follow a routine by checking your medical history, deciding if a cosmetic procedure is necessary and also calculating the approximate time taken for the treatment. When you do it at home, the process could go haywire and lead to grave mistakes without an expert’s guidance.

The OTC products might give you whiter teeth or might lead to waste of your money – or worse could keep you in dark by ignoring potentially serious dental issues. Therefore, if you want lighter, healthier teeth, Don’t Risk It!

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