How to Tell If Is It Really a Dental Emergency?

Scheduling a dental appointment with your dentist is a daunting task, with some taking weeks to get into the office. As someone who is going through a dental emergency, you can’t really wait for that long to see a dentist. This is the reason most dentists offer emergency lines and services in their office.

Have you been in a situation where you wonder whether the dental pain you are experiencing warranted itself as an emergency or not? If the answer is a yes then you’re not alone. Many people fail to understand what exactly counts as a dental emergency and if they should wait out their tooth ache or call a dental professional right away.

Here is a guide to help you learn more about dental emergencies.

Are you experiencing unbearable pain?


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If dental pain is unbearable and makes it difficult for you to eat, drink or even close or open your mouth it’s time to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that there may be a severe infection that requires immediate consultation, treatment and medication.

A lot of people cannot really define a dental emergency – what they know is if they’re in pain, it must be taken care of right away. While the intermittent pain when you bite down can wait, you do not want to wait too long as it can get worse and turn into excruciating pain if not dealt with promptly. Even basic cavity is likely to become severe if you wait too long, which might cause you to spend more on root canals and other additional treatments in the long run.

Is the condition too embarrassing?

Have you broken your tooth or have a crown fall off in public settings, making it difficult to talk to other people? Do you try not to smile wide to avoid embarrassment? Conditions such as fractured teeth or repair of crowns and bridges need immediate attention as the tooth may develop long-term, irreversible damage.

Any trauma involved?

It’s advisable that you should also consult your dentist if you have any sort of head trauma involving pain in your mouth. Neglecting the issue might contribute to further damage of your jawbone or any other parts of your face, leading to serious dental problems.

Getting in touch with a trained, experienced and knowledgeable dental specialist is essential for your oral health. You need a trustworthy dentist that you can call anytime with your issues, who takes an extra effort to see you immediately or at least makes provisions to comfort you until you arrive at the office. Let‘s not put any dental emergency off, it could lead to more problems later on. Contact us at as quickly as possible.

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