Maintaining Proper Dental Health for a Dazzling Summer Smile

The bells are ringing, the brides are chirping, the flowers are blooming – summer is here finally! Whether you’re planning to hit the beach, sit by the pool, go on a short holiday; remember that it should not be an excuse to taking vacation from caring your oral health.

Summer calls for relaxation and giving yourself a time to cut loose. However, this shouldn’t encourage you to neglect proper dental care. Let’s have a look at some tips that can help you keep your mouth and teeth healthy all summer long, while you have fun in the sun.

Care to use your hands and not your teeth

Your teeth serves a purpose, and definitely not as a tool to open bottles, bags etc., which in most cases can lead to chipped or broken tooth. While it’s tempting to get the job done quick and easy, it can cause a significant amount of damage. Your teeth are meant to help you chew food, and not for anything else.

Using mouthguard can help cut down on dental injuries


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All professional athletes are advised to use mouthguards. The reason is: they help prevent severe, costly injuries. If you are in the mood to play frisbee while on the beach or enjoy volleyball in the pool, it’s advisable to opt to use a high quality, custom-fit mouthguard. While you can purchase a mouthgurad at a local store, however we recommend that you get it fit by a dentist to have more protection during those sporting events.

Drink your water

How many times have we all heard that? Besides protecting your skin, keeping yourself hydrated helps fight tooth decay. Make sure you consume plenty of water and shun all sugary drinks. You can also chew sugar free gums as it aids in the production of saliva which prevents tooth decay.

Overindulging on the sweets is a NO!

This summer go easy on the sweets, please. Of course it’s easy to overindulge especially when you have your moment of relaxation. It’s challenging to satisfy your sweet tooth, however remember to have everything in moderation. Eating too many sweets can ruin your teeth fast, and it’s your responsibility to maintain proper oral health during the summer months. We all know how sugar can bring disaster for your teeth by enabling harmful bacteria to linger and thrive in your mouth. Therefore, it’s essential to brush your teeth after eating sweets, and limit your consumption to one or two sittings.

Stay committed to oral hygiene

Credit: Santecool

Credit: Santecool

During the lazy summer days, it’s typical for your routine to fall a bit to the wayside and that’s absolutely fine. But you cannot afford to compromise on your oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth two times and flossing on a daily basis, every day of the year are essential for your overall health and well being.

Summer is a time to make memories! Just make sure to not let one those memories be a reason for dental emergency because of broken tooth or tooth decay. Have fun in the sun; but be careful and be smart.

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