Proper Caring For Your Dental Crowns

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Dental Crowns are caps that can help cover decayed or misshape teeth and restore the shape, size and normal functional of the teeth.

Although they are known to be strong and reliable, they don’t last forever without proper care.

Temporary Crown Maintenance

Dental Crown Maintenance

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Your first appointment with a dentist includes the examination of your tooth, making its impression and placing a temporary crown. It is very much needed to preserve the tooth until a permanent crown is created, which usually takes 2-3 weeks of a turn-around period. In order to keep your temporary crown safe, it’s recommended that you follow the following simple steps.

  • Do not eat chewy food, such as caramels and chewing gums.
  • Reduce chewing force on the crown
  • Avoid eating hard foods
  • As gums can be sore after the treatment, regular cleaning is necessary
  • Try to use dental floss carefully by gently sliding it and not lift out with force

Contact your dentist immediately if your crown is broken. Meanwhile, you can use dental adhesive to fix your crown, and always take it off when sleeping.

Permanent Crown Aftercare

Once a final permanent is placed, make sure you follow the same rules mentioned above during first few days after the procedure. Also, keep in mind to rinse your mouth with warm salted water during the week. After a local anesthesia has been delivered, do not drink or eat until you are not numb. Should you feel any hypersensitivity after the procedure, we suggest you take some over-the-counter pain relievers.

Here are some rules that you should follow to care your permanent crown.

Oral Hygiene

woman brushing teeth

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While crowns are made of ceramic that don’t cause stains and plaque, they have an edge where it meets with the tooth. Because the areas have a potential to develop cavity or gum disease, it is required to be cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, it’s recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss them regularly and use interdental cleanser to get rid of plaque.

Post-Dental Crown Placement

If You Crown Has Been Cracked

Porcelain made dental crowns may chip under the extreme biting force. This can be repaired in most cases using a special adhesive and composite resin that put cracked particle in place. However, repaired crown usually doesn’t last for long and if you have more than one chip, a replacement may be necessary.

If dental crown falls out when you bite or chew

A badly adjusted dental crown may bring issue with the cement getting washed away over the course of time. This results in the formation of gaps between the crown and the tooth under it, and often contributes to an unpleasant odor form the mouth. If you notice this, you may already have bacteria build up under your crown. Contact your dentist immediately to check your crown and fix it.

If dental crown is falling out

Your dental crowns may fall out due to improper fit and washed out cement. In such situation, get a plastic bag, put your crown inside it and bring it to your dentist. It’s also advisable to wash your tooth to remove any cement left. In case you are unable to see the dentist right away, try and fit your crown using a special adhesive sold in pharmacies.

If you have any questions or need to schedule your next cleaning and exam, please feel free to call Affordable Dentist in Crowley at 817-984-5431 to schedule an appointment.

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