Questions for General Dentists to Ensure Your teeth Are In Good Hands

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In the quest of finding a new dentist, a lot of times we turn to family and friends for a trusted personal referral. When the information is not available, we get back to traditional search, scouring the internet for a quick search of dental practices that operate in and around our area. The search doesn’t stop there – with thousands of online reviews from patients, any potential warning signs and the job of matching the dentist with the preferred dental insurance carriers, it seems like a never ending task.

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Today, almost all dental practices have online presence, making it difficult to choose one among the many. It takes a sound mind to come to a decision before matching the dentist that best fits the location, your dental care needs and preferences. Also, achieving excellent dental care goes beyond merely visiting your dentist twice a year. The trust is built on relationships that you share with the dentist, after all a well-informed professional can work like magic and provide optimal treatment and care.

Here at Affordable Dentist in Crowley, we have assembled some the important questions to ask your new dentist to ensure that you and your teeth are in good hands.

How well do you keep up with this ever-changing scene and science and dentistry?


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The world of today is changing, and so is the science of dentistry. There are new discoveries, inventions and articles published every day, aimed at providing better service to all. It’s happening so fast that a dentist’s knowledge can actual y decline over the course of time. Dentists must ensure that their professional learning is updated regularly. When you integrate your preferences with a dentists’ expertise, it forms the foundation of best approaches that can be used for your sound dental health.

Any fundamental risk evaluation tools involved?

The term ‘Risk Assessment’ has been instituted in medicine for years, although it may be deemed to be an entirely new concept in dentistry.  Risk Assessment tools help in evaluating a patient’s vulnerability of developing a disease, which further allows the dentist to provide better preventive approaches for the treatments. This helps the patients to avoid any potentially invasive and expensive treatment that could occur later. You’ll be evaluated with many risk assessment tools to determine if your dental health is at the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease and even oral cancer.

Do you provide treatments that meet a patient’s situation, needs and preferences?

There were times, when all patients, regardless of their condition and health were advised to have teeth and gums cleaning procedures on every dental visit. Fast forward today, there is ample number of treatment available for every dental problem and with the help of risk assessment tool, you are now recommended proper care based on your situation, needs and preferences. This significantly helps in understanding the requirement of patients and to determine if they are needed to visit less or more frequently depending on their condition.

Do you recommend any other disease-preventing techniques?

A dental professional will understand that each patient is different and their conditions are unique. After thorough evaluation, you may be recommended a series of preventive measures to avoid serious dental issues that might occur over the course of time. A dentist may advise you to use enhanced fluoridated toothpaste, hard appliances, retainers, and follow strict diets to promote optimal oral and overall health.

How about you customer service?

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Credit: Frontdesklady

Customer service is one the essential factors that defines if the industry is designed to serve people, and medical service is no different. Some reports highlight that between 9% and 20% Americans hesitate to seek a dentist’s advice because of high dental fear and anxiety of being helpless on the dental chair. One of the reports also suggest that a lot of patients hesitate to trust someone holding sharp needles for work, or uncomfortable to be in an area where they are unable to see the treatment. This is the reason excellent customer service is crucial; it’s important so that people can rely on the service and understand that they are and will be well looked-after. The staff and member of a dental office are required to provide a feeling of ease, comfort and trustworthiness to their patients, thereby playing a significant part in eliminating possible fear in them. You may go through the testimonials and reviews from past and current clients to understand an honest insight that can help you decide on the best dental office that you’re looking for.

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