Root Canal Therapy in Crowley

Root Canal Therapy

Have a bad or severely decayed or badly infected tooth? Do you want to cause no damage and save the tooth? Yes? Then a root canal therapy will be the best solution to your problem?

Root Canal TherapyA root canal therapy is the treatment of preserving an infected or abscessed tooth. The procedure involves the removal of nerves and pulp matter of a tooth, which is followed by cleaning and sealing in order to assess the spread of infection or sensitivity in the surrounding area.

Why Do You Need A Root Canal Therapy?

Damage to the root canal can expose your nerves to external stimuli – sensitive to pain or heat or cold sensations. A dentist may recommend you a root canal therapy if any of the following symptoms are detected.

  • Severe pain wile chewing or applying pressure in the affected tooth.
  • Extremely sensitive tooth to heat or cold sensations, and still prolongs even when external stimuli has been removed.
  • Swelling of the surrounding gums with a persistent pimple.
  • Inflammation spreads to other areas of the face, neck and head.

Having a Root Canal Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is not painful at Affordable Dentist in Crowley. Our skilled dentist ensures that the tooth, including its surrounding area is numbed before performing the treatment so that you feel at ease throughout the process.

Once the area is numbed, the dentist will drill into your tooth to make a hole into the canal that holds the infected root. Once into the canal, the area is cleaned to get rid of all infection, followed by placing of medications in the canal, ensuring that infection is removed.

The next step includes the filling up the canal with Gutta-Percha, a rubber an FDA approved rubber-like material for dental procedures. Once the canal is filled, the site is filled with tiny germ-free cotton pellets and the tooth is covered with a temporary crown. It’s recommended that temporary crown is not removed until the tooth has recovered, which may take about 2 to 3 weeks. In the meantime, a permanent crown will be created for you.

Post-recovery period, a permanent crown will be placed over the remaining tooth. The root canal therapy requires two visits – one for the canal treatment and one for the crown procedure. However, depending on the condition of your tooth, issues with its makeup, the canal procedure can take longer.  Affordable Dentist In Crowley gives you the best care possible and provide you the best results.

Is The Root Canal Therapy Really Painful?

While many patients complain of the pain associated with the treatments, however at the hands of efficient dental professionals at Affordable Dentist ion Crowley the procedure feels no worse than having a filling placed on the region. There is absolutely no need to shirk away from the procedure on the excuse of pain.

What Happens After The Root Canal Therapy Is Over?

You may feel discomfort or pain in your affected tooth after the root canal therapy is performed, however this sensitivity can be easily combated with pain medications. If your tooth is yet to be sealed permanently after the therapy, it’s recommended that you keep away from chewing and also avoid applying pressure to the site to prevent the tooth from being contaminated again. Also, follow all the precautionary measures advised by the dentist in order to ensure swift recovery and restoration of full functionality of your affected tooth.

If you think you have an immediate need for a root canal therapy to save your tooth, please feel free to contact the expert team at Affordable Dentist in Crowley today at 817-984-5431 or schedule a consultation for the long-term solution for your damaged tooth.