Sedation Dentistry in Crowley

Do you have dental anxiety? Does the thought of having an appointment at a sedation dentist makes you tremble with fear? Would you rather bear a toothache than visit a dental professional for treatment? Yes? Here’s good news: For everyone who suffer from ‘dental phobia,’ sedation dentistry will help recede all your fears associated with a visit to a dental office. The treatment can be used at all levels of cosmetic dentistry – simple cleaning procedures to periodontal treatments.

sedation dentistry

According to the reports, over 75 million Americans suffer from fear of dental procedure and as a result millions of US residents avoid visiting a dentist’s office every year. Now you can put an end to your dental anxiety and can sleep through your appointment with sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

The fear of patients during dental appointment often hampers the smooth operation of the procedure – they tend to shift positions now and then out of anxiety on a dental chair. This creates nuisance and causes lot of discomfort to both the patient and the dentist. Sedation dentistry uses sedatives to make the patients sedate and relax during a dental procedure. At Affordable Dentist in Crowley, we offer 4 levels of sedation for our patients.

Minimal Sedation.

Patients are completely awake but very relaxed. We use oral medications or nitrous oxide to achieve minimal sedation.

Moderate sedation.

Patients tend to fall asleep, slur their words and are unable to recall about the procedure. The state is achieved with oral medications or IV medications.

Deep sedation.

Patients lie at the threshold between consciousness and complete loss of consciousness. They can, however be awakened from the sleep with a tap, but they do not remember anything about the procedure. Deep sedation is accomplished through IV medications.

General Anesthesia.

Patients are put to sleep medically and are completely unconscious until the medication has worn off. It is used only in extreme cases.

At Affordable Dentist in Crowley, we prefer understanding your medical history to ensure your safety with regards to administering medications and anesthesia. Our certified team will perform a complete medical history, an EKG and other necessary lab tests.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be placed in a recovery room until you are ready to get discharged. In the meantime, you will be constantly monitored and ensured that you are stable and your vital signs have improved. We are committed to creating an atmosphere that is anxiety-free. Our friendly staff will make sure you do not fear to go the dentist anymore.

Eligibility to Undergo Sedation Dentistry

  • People who have dental phobia
  • People with a low capacity to bear pain
  • Patients referred for a long, painful dental treatment
  • People with sensitive teeth
  • People who are restless to sit still for on a dental chair
  • Children who create a fuss when visiting the dentist. Caution is used when given sedatives to children

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

A certain degree of risk is associated with sedation dentistry – people with obesity or sleep related disorder are prone to face complication after sedation. Therefore, it’s imperative to talk to your dentist about your condition so that the chances of sedation risks can be reduced or avoided.

Here a few things to consider before deciding to undergo sedation dentistry procedure.

  • Do not hesitate to discuss your clinical history during the appointment to allow the dentist to determine if you are the right candidate for the treatment.
  • Make sure you enquire about the dosage you will be administered and if it is appropriate for your age and health condition, as approved by FDA.
  • It’s also important to get in touch with a qualified, trained advanced and experienced dentist for the treatment.
  • Keep in mind to discuss about the risks and side-effects associated with sedation dentistry.
  • Check if your dentist has sufficient emergency back of supplies like oxygen artificial ventilation to reverse the effects of anesthesia during an emergency.

Affordable Dentist in Crowley Puts You Mind at Ease during Dental Appointment

Let not the fear dictate your freedom to receive the optimal oral care that you need and deserve! Contact our team of experts at Affordable Dentist in Crowley today to know more about sedation dentistry and how you can get the dental care you want in the relaxed state you need.