Tips: Daily Dental Hygiene for Your Kids

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Dear parents, it’s never too early to pay attention to your children’s dental health. Good oral hygiene must start as soon as a baby’s teeth come in.

Having strong, healthy teeth is essential for experiencing a high quality of life. Additionally, wonderful dental care practices will help your children avoid many problems, including gum disease, oral cancer, heart attack, stroke and halitosis (bad breath).

Here are some tips to be followed for teaching your kids about taking care of their chompers.

Start Smart Start Early

Dental Hygiene For Kids

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Providing care for your child’s teeth has to begin even before they have any. You can start by wiping down the gums using a warm, damp cloth and once the teeth emerge, brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush can do a lot of good. As soon s they hit the age of two, explain your kids the importance of brushing regularly. Children are known to work well with familiarity and routines and if you make oral care part of their everyday routine, they will get used to it. One of the many advantages of starting when they are young enough is they will not question the importance of oral care and rather be used to taking care of their teeth without putting a second thought.

Show Them the Effects of Poor Dental Care

It’s true that young children will not understand the health issues that can arise as a result of poor dental hygiene, however provided that they see the consequences that come neglecting your teeth, they’ll be more motivated to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Allow them to see photos of serious cavities, missing teeth and swollen gums so that they can associate bad dental hygiene with scary images, thereby providing them with the necessary persuasion  to maintain their teeth and diligent to their oral hygiene habits.

Make Mouth Care Fun!

Oral care fun

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Help your child learn more about dental hygiene in fun and informative way by showing them children’s educational videos, creating a homemade song to remind them of dental issues, or crafting dental-themed games etc. Instead of scolding or reminding them verbally when then forget to brush their teeth, be creative and entertain your kids so that they can absorb the basics. There are fun children’s toothbrushes and toothpastes available that feature their favorite cartoon character or animal that will help get your child more excited about brushing their teeth. Although they may not care about their oral hygiene, kids will do anything just to use their favorite toothbrush.

Take Your Child to Meet the Dentist

As toddlers warm up to people they see frequently, make it a habit to visit your dentist with your children every so often. As you explain the importance of dental hygiene and how dentist can help, your child should see the dentist as a person of trust and be excited to go in for a regular check-up, each time. Introducing your child to the dentist early in life will also help them get over irrational dental anxiety as they grow older.

Be an Example

Your child learns best through mimicking the behaviors of other people who surround them. Therefore, keep your by your side while you brush your teeth. The brain programs this and makes it feel natural for your child to perform brushing and rinsing their mouth. They will understand that this is something everybody needs to do.

With the addition of good nutrition and oral hygiene care practiced at home, you can help your toddler fight dental issues and eliminate 95% of all cavities right into adulthood.

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