Why Is the Cost of Dental Implant So High?

One of the latest in cosmetic dentistry, a dental implant is a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth with a false, but fully functional one. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth.

Dental implants are undoubtedly a very expensive alternative; however they can provide enormous benefits to people who have lost their teeth either through accidents or diseases. The high cost of the treatment is justified, given the fact that the successful dental implants can provide value in terms of appearance, health, comfort, self-esteem, and a long lasting beautiful smile.

While it’s absolutely fair to say that dental implants are not the cheapest treatment available, the cost to replace missing teeth varies from patient to patient. They are the nearest thing to your natural teeth and can last far longer than other types of teeth replacement, thereby proving to be a great investment in the long run.

Here are some factors which influences the cost of dental implant treatment.

Advanced Experience and Qualifications of Dental Implant Professionals

Dental Professionals

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Dental implant is a combination of several dental procedures, including diagnostic surgical and restorative, and demands a combined effort of an entire team of dental professionals. It requires thorough and advanced experience not only for the dentists involved but also for lab technicians responsible for the final restorations to fit on the implants.

Additionally, for more complex cases, expert surgical procedures are required. You may be referred to a specialist in oral surgery who has a more detailed knowledge on restoring a complex situation with implants, with a variety of treatment options that meets your requirements. They are more experienced in dealing with issues arising during a surgical procedure. Therefore, having dental implant treatment by a highly skilled oral surgeon can cost more than having it performed by your general dentist.

Quality of Your Jaw Bone

When a dental implant is placed, a dentist requires a given amount of bone into which your new implant can be attached. It’s effectively a new root for your tooth, and therefore needs to be secure. Depending on the condition of your jaw bone, especially patients with missing teeth who have poor quality and quantity of bone, the dentist may need to carry out a bone regeneration procedure that provides firm foundations for the implant. This may impact the overall cost of the treatment.

Number of Missing Teeth

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Credit: Cosmeticdentistrycenter

It’s a basic understanding – the more missing teeth, the more dental implants you will require, and consequently the cost of the treatment rises. However, the expense on implant does not go up with the number of teeth missing – one missing tooth requires one dental treatment and 3 missing teeth requires only 2 dental implants, one at each end of the three toot gap.

Anesthetic during the Procedure

You also pay specialist care. As with all dental treatments, dental implants require the patients to undergo general anesthetics. Some patients are too anxious during the appointment and may require intravenous sedation and an anesthesiologist to be present for the entire surgery. This adds on the cost to the price.

Type of Dental Implant Used

The material that quality implants are made of is quite expensive. While using lower cost implant components can certainly help to keep the overall expense of the procedure down, these are less robust, are unlikely to last for long and can lower their performance. At Affordable Dentist in Crowley, we prefer to use high-quality dental implants that are tried and tested and have been established for years. We provide our patients the best aesthetic with implants which will last for many years.

Post Dental Implant Surgery

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Cost is only one factor when it comes to considering dental implants. Implant look, feel and function like your real teeth, allowing you to speak without hesitation and eat your favorite foods. They are durable and are comfortable, and can certainly improve a person’s appearance and smile.

Dental implants have a tremendously high value although there can be a high cost to the treatment. There are many dental financing options that will help you with financial burden. Contact our team TODAY and allow us to assist you with process.

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